The Tremont House was built in 1889 by John McCormick and operated as a 24 room hotel for over 100 years - it is one the last remaining 19th century hotel buildings in Collingwood’s downtown Heritage Conservation District.

Historically, the location of the Tremont was a convenient stop for travellers, due to it’s proximity to the railway. Later, it was a perfect lunch spot for the workers down the road at the Collingwood shipyards station.

The Tremont still carries its original name and is an important historical link to Collingwood's booming railway and shipbuilding era.



The Tremont Cafe, located in downtown Collingwood, is located next to The Selena Ree Music Studio, on the first floor of the Tremont building.

The second floor of the Tremont is home to eight artist’s studios. Please visit www.thetremont.ca for up to date information on the studios and artists.